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Blog By Car Fan About New Cars & Automotive Articles

  • Things That Should Not Be Missing In Your Car If You Are A New Driver

    When getting a new car, there are several things that you always need to make sure that you have in the car. Most of the time, you will not have a lot of difficulty with the car, especially if you make sure that you service it as needed. However, for those times when the car may break down or when you get involved in an accident, it is always a good idea to have a few things you can use to solve the problem, or at least make it easier for you to cope. These things are particularly important when you are a first time driver. Some of them include:

    Make sure that all the necessary spares in the car are in good working order

    When you are a new driver, it is always imperative that you verify that you have things such as a working spare wheel and that your tires are also in good working order. This way, you will never have to worry about being stranded in case you end up getting a flat tire. In addition to that, you may also need to find a way to learn how to use these items as soon as you can. Simply finding a friend or family member who has some experience using them can be a good way to get the instructions that you need to do so.

    Make sure you have extra fuses in the car

    In addition to that, you should also make sure that you have a number of extra fuses in your glove box as well. This way, it will be very easy for you to take care of any electrical issues that you encounter without having to call someone to come and help you, which sometimes takes time and costs a lot.

    Other miscellaneous items you may need

    In addition to the above, you also need a number of other items in your car including:

    A tow rope for those moments when you may need to have your car towed or when you need to tow another car. This can easily fit into your boot without being too conspicuous. Of course, you need to get a high quality one so that you can be guaranteed that it will work and last long.

    Some form of light for those times when your car may break down, you will need a source of light to find your way round. You can get a small torch or portable rescue lights you can keep in your car for this purpose.

  • Celebrating The Miracle Of The GPS Vehicle Tracking System

    The GPS vehicle tracking system has, over the years gained acceptance from the people around the world because of the many benefits it comes with. The Global Positioning System (GPS) makes use of a tracking device; therefore, with the assistance of the GPS tracking system you can ascertain the position of a particular individual or vehicle, anywhere in the world.

    The GPS tracking devices are available in different shapes and sizes; however, they are generally small, making it possible to hide them anywhere in the vehicle without attracting much attention.

    The importance of having a GPS

    1. It is important to fix this system in every automobile. Several industries benefit a great deal with a properly installed GPS tracking system including insurance firms and law enforcement bodies. The law enforcement officers often use the system to locate stolen vehicles and in the end helps to capture thieves. Furthermore, banks and other finance companies fit the system to help protect their investments.

    2. The tracking system enables different organizations and business to track their automobiles in real time. This way, they are able to access data as well as be in a position to monitor their vehicles and drivers. This is particularly important because it allows companies to better plan their dispatches while avoiding mishaps. In addition, the system helps businesses to save a lot of money, which would otherwise be lost through dishonest drivers, and the delivery industry is particularly served well by the system.

    3. The system is also helpful to individual owners in the sense that it helps them to get to places that they are going with ease, even if they have never gone there before. It also helps the vehicle owners to keep track of the distance travelled effectively. Therefore, when you plan to revisit the locations in the future you will not have to worry about losing your way, or miscalculating the distance for the sake of fueling. Furthermore, the GPS system has in its memory, the route and any other record necessary, which you traversed.

    Ways of storing data

    Data derived through the tracking system can be stored in different ways, you can choose to store it locally, or even transmit it to a different port, where you will have access to the information at your convenience. For example, the data can be transmitted to the mobile phone via the GPRS option, or it can also be transmitted to a PDA or remote computer.

  • Why You Should Check Your Car History

    Astonishingly, as many as one in three cars on the road today may have some hidden secrets in their past. If you are buying a used car or are simply curious about your own vehicle, you should check the car’s history to protect you against a range of issues.Unpaid Loans – without performing a vehicle check, you can never really know whether the car legally belongs to the person you’re buying it from. Additionally, any unpaid loans may be transferred to you when you buy the car, which is certainly something you don’t want!Reported as Stolen – unfortunately, criminals across the country steal cars with the hope to sell them on to innocent, unsuspecting buyers within a quick turnaround. Checking your vehicle’s history will highlight whether the car belongs to anyone else and whether there are outstanding police reports on the car.Written Off – if the car has been previously involved in an accident, it may well have been written off and repaired, in which case no insurance company will touch it. If you are unable to get insurance for your new vehicle, then it may as well be a very expensive paperweight!Inspection Reports – similarly, if a car has once been substantially damaged, it can undergo an inspection report to see if there is anything about it that can be saved. Checking the car’s history will tell you whether such a report has ever taken place.’Clocking’ – the process of ‘clocking’ a car involves turning back its odometer to suggest that it has done less miles than it actually has, increasing its value. Checking with the National Mileage Association will accurately highlight how many miles the car has done.Owner History – checking the background of your car will tell you exactly how many drivers have owned the car, when it changed hands between them and even when the car was manufactured.

  • Is It Possible To Come Across Best Used Car Prices Today?

    In today’s modern world, cars have moved from being luxury items of the fortunate few to a necessity many cannot do without. Statistics show that nearly all Americans have access to some type of vehicle. If you are among the few who do not have their own cars, you might want to consider buying a used car at a cheaper price. However, you might be wondering where or when to find the best used car prices. Pay close attention to the information on this page to get advice on the matter.

    A bad time to buy used cars

    If your budget is limited and you really want to purchase a used car, then it is vital to have good timing. This means that you must be aware of market trends and be alert to any promotions that offer discounts or deals on used cars. The past two years saw the prices of used cars reach an all-time high before they significantly went down shortly afterward. That was a very bad time to buy a used car for cash-strapped consumers. The price of used cars is beginning to go up again since there is a demand for used cars. A strong sandstorm that swept across some states towards the end of the year left many cars damaged and useless.

    How to find good deals

    If you are currently looking for the best used car, it might prove to be a little difficult than usual. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to find a cheap used vehicle you can buy. Just need to look hard and expand the scope of what you are looking for. The best place to find cheap vehicles is online. Many individuals or dealers online are offering competitive prices to cash in on the renewed interest in used cars. Knowing the right place to look can be a challenge and that is where other professionals come in.

    The key to finding a great deal on used cars is to find a vehicle that has great performance and durability, but due to factors beyond its control has a low resale value. Normally, age, mileage and condition of a vehicle will determine its resale value. Nevertheless, some models have a lower resale market because of certain market policies and forces. You should consult an insider on the market to enlighten you on the best deals that match your current budget.

  • 8 of the Ugliest 2013 Car Models

    Cars are status symbols; action heroes drive sexy ones, and no one expects a CEO to ride around in a Toyota Camry. Basic models are inexpensive, and most of the time they just look like cars. Luxury cars, which are as much an expression of wealth as they are a means of transportation, transcend that vehicle look. Unfortunately, while some achieve that sexiness we expect of an action hero, some are remarkable because of how hideously ugly they look. They only stand out because they are an eyesore.

    Below, you’ll find a list we’ve compiled of the ugliest cars of 2013. If you’re going to spring for a luxury vehicle, go for one James Bond would drive and not one of these ultimate failures.

    Toyota Prius V

    Although the Toyota Prius V is a successful and well respected car franchise for the Japanese automaker giant, it is still receiving major flack for its less than appealing design. As the fifth in the long line of hybrid cars for Toyota, the Prius V has very little to boast when it comes to its lines and style. It’s a good thing that buyers are now willing to push past its plain looks for a more efficient engine.

    Scion tC

    The Scion tC—short for “touring coupe”—was manufactured by a subsidiary of Toyota Motors. Scion marketed the vehicle as a combination of the best qualities of a coupe and a sedan. However, the car falls flat when it comes to delivering a sophisticated look, due to its odd shape and design.

    Scion iQ

    Another car from Scion falls far short of any expectations held for it: the iQ. The car is also known as the Toyota iQ in Japan. The iQ stand for, according to its promotional material, intelligence, individuality, innovation and quality. Unfortunately, these qualities are nowhere to be seen in the new Scion iQ with its awkward cubic design and less than impressive speed and power.

    Dodge Avenger

    This medium-build sedan from the Chrysler Group is, to say the least, quite dull and boring. The design is incredibly bulky and includes awkward proportions. The Avenger does very little to improve the Dodge reputation.

    Dodge Charger

    As if the Avenger were not enough, Dodge makes yet another move in the wrong direction with the Charger. The engineers for some reason threw on a front bumper that seems to mimic a gaping mouth ready to chew away at anything that comes in its path. The Charger, consequently, is neither classy nor sporty.

    Mercedes-Benz SL550

    Mercedes Benz has been known the world over for their classy and luxurious designs. There’s even a car game of pointing out “Beamers,” as a way of expressing envy for the cars. The SL550 however seems to have been thrown together by amateurs who still need to undergo a crash course in automotive design. Run the numbers on this new car calculator to find out how much it will cost you a month to get laughed out of the parking garage.

    Smart ForTwo

    Small two-seater cars are growing more popular, especially in Europe. Smart’s ForTwo car looks more like a toy than something you should drive. In fact, it may be safer to ride a bike than squeeze in the Smart ForTwo.

    Chrysler 200 Convertible

    Convertibles are the dream of every teenager because they are suave and sexy. In the world of convertible cars, the Chrysler 200 is perhaps the least elegant with its hardtop that is as plain as day. This is definitely not a car to be used by Mr. Bond.

    These are the cars to avoid: don’t pay for something hideous, unless that’s the look you’re trying to cultivate, and why would it be? An attractive car means more than simple good taste. It is a measure of who you are or want to be. If you, like most people, select your vehicle based on how it looks, think about something other than what we’ve noted.

    Tim is a auto writer for After several decades of loving anything on 4 wheels, he is still amazed at the terrible car designs that come out each year.

  • Ten of the Strangest Driving Laws Out There

    Some people call them blue laws, while others think they are just plain funny. Whatever you might call them or see them as, the following ten laws are some of the strangest out there. In most cases, these laws aren’t strictly enforced, but there is always the possibility that they could be, so if you’re visiting one of the following states, be sure that you avoid breaking these strange driving related laws.

    1. Street – Bed: Sometimes, people just get tired and need a nap. It can be difficult driving, especially over long distances, and sometimes, the road might just look far too comfortable. I guess there was a problem in Eureka, California with this, because they have made it illegal there to use any road as a place to sleep.

    2. Car – Hunting: Ever had the urge to paint your car in camouflage? Or maybe you just want to paint it bright orange like the safety vests that you’ll see hunters wear when they go out into the woods during hunting season. Whatever your strange painting whims are, neither of these is really needed in Connecticut, because it’s illegal to hunt from your care, even when it’s deer hunting season.

    3. Off-Roading: There is no shortage of people who like to off-road with their vehicles, especially some of the larger trucks with the special mud tires. In some cases, this is perfectly acceptable and even expected behavior, but let’s hope you aren’t off-roading in Dublin, Georgia on the local playground. For whatever reason, officials have made it illegal to drive through a playground in this city, so don’t even try it.

    4. A Screeching Halt: Like to screech your tires? There are plenty of people who do – either because they are trying to show off a vehicle, or they simply are trying to stop in time to avoid another vehicle. Whatever the cause is, you should hope that you aren’t in Derby, Kansas, where screeching your tires could ultimately mean that you spend thirty days in jail.

    5. Red Ryder, Red Ryder: Hopefully, you won’t ever feel the need to load up your Red Ryder and drive it out to the highway, where you then throw it out into the road. Sadly, someone must have decided that this was a good idea, because in Mount Vernon, Iowa, it’s explicitly illegal to do this.

    6. Public Troublemaker: There are plenty of things I’d label as public nuisance; for example, if you stand on a street corner and yell obscenities to those passing by. You might also be one of those people who fail to clean up after their dog. Regardless of what you think is one of these nuisances, be sure you aren’t the one causing trouble because in Minnetonka, Minnesota, it is illegal to drive a vehicle that leaves behind mud, dirt, or anything sticky without labeling yourself as a public problem.

    7. Stand or Sit: In Nevada, especially in Reno, there are a number of places where you’ll see signs that simply say, ‘No Standing’. In order to prevent people from literally translating these signs, and the laws that they proclaim, officials have also made it illegal to put benches or anything to sit on in the middle of roads.

    8. Plant a Tree: These days, Arbor Day is a big deal. There are plenty of programs around the country that help people plant trees and replenish the natural resources that we’ve taken down. If you live in Blairstown, New Jersey, however, you need to observe the laws that say you are not allowed to plant a tree in the middle of the street.

    9. Take Too Long: If you’re one of those people who takes a few minutes to get things together when you arrive somewhere, make sure you do it with your door closed if you’re in Oregon. In this state, State Troopers are allowed to ticket you if you leave your car door opened longer than they think is necessary.

    10. Trash Bins: Make sure you’re careful what you store in your vehicle when you are in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Officials have made it illegal here to store any kind of trash in your vehicle. And you know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so keep your vehicle clean and avoid getting in trouble with the law here.

    Hensen Simon, the author of this article, recommends vehicle shipping by With over twenty years of experience with cars, he knows how much a vehicle can mean to someone. He also knows that will treat them right!

  • 4 Main Areas In The Driving Industry That Can Earn You A Living

    Driving may seem as a pretty much simple activity for many people because it has become a part of everyday life. Apart from the driving we are used to for our daily chores like to and fro work, driving is in itself an income generating activity that can help in putting bread on the table. To become a professional driver, it requires advanced training and experience and the following are the four main driving areas that can boost someone’s income.

    1. Heavy commercial driver

    This is a well paying profession due to the nature of merchandize being hauled. This area involves the transportation of heavy loads from one location to another. The loads carried are usually wide, bulky and heavy and may take days to move from the origin to the destination. This is perhaps the reason why they are referred to as heavy commercial vehicles because of the nature of goods they carry.

    2. Race car driver

    A race car is in most cases the most dangerous of all competitive sports. The temperatures coupled with the very high speeds, make these cars very likely to get involved in accidents and even catch fire. However, racing school instructors emphasize on safety of the drivers and that is why the accidents are very minimal. Race cars are reinforced both on the inside and the outside so that in case of an accident, the impact is less felt as compared to when the bars are not installed. It is important to consider your personal safety because lives cannot be replaced.

    3. Personal driver

    Some people have so many places to go during the day and so many deals to negotiate on that they consider driving themselves as tiring and demanding. This is the background on which one would become a personal driver either for a family or an individual. Due to their busy schedules, some families may opt for a personal driver to take care of taking the children to school and picking them up after school. Working for someone as a driver calls for a lot of patience because you may not have a fixed routine to follow for each day.

    4. Bus driver

    There is still a sizeable portion of the population that takes the public transport option to travel in between home and the office on a daily basis. Many schools have also transferred the responsibility of parents’ ensuring that their kids are at school at a certain time to themselves. They would pick and drop kids back home because they have enough and comfortable buses for the task.

  • A Limo Offers More Benefits Than You Think!

    While it is pretty common to hire a prom or wedding limo, there are other practical reasons why you would want to hire a limousine service. It is important to make sure that you select the right service so that you do not end up being disappointed. There are lots of service providers currently available in the market and you should never compromise on quality. Otherwise, you will end up with a car that does not keep you on schedule or even breaks down before you reach your destination. You can easily narrow down your search by setting a budget so that you can determine how much money you are willing to spend.

    Make comparisons based on the pricing, services and discounts among others to make sure you select the right service. You can find great discounts online but you should note that rates will vary based on various factors like vehicle’s availability and any extra services you may require. Once you find the right limousine services, you will reap a range of benefits like:

    1. Save time and money

    If you are moving from one location to another on different errands, you will end up spending a lot of time and money flagging down cabs. However, when you are using a chauffeured limousine service, you will get to where you are going much faster. You should note that the chauffeurs probably know all the best routes to take to get you where you are going within a short period of time.

    2. Safety and convenience

    The chauffeurs undergo extensive training for the job and must maintain a good track record to be hired by a limo service. This means that you do not have to worry being stopped for traffic offenses or anything else similar.

    3. Schedule

    This is comes in handy for any type of occasion whether it is a wedding or a business meeting. If you are late, this will leave other people with a terrible impression. The limousine driver can easily ensure that you are on schedule since they can calculate the best route and time to depart. However, it is important to make sure that you communicate all your plans beforehand to make sure that all your needs are well catered for.

    4. Stress

    A limo will eliminate stress since you do not have to worry about finding your destination, drive yourself and get where you are going on time. You just have to sit back and relax or just prepare for the important business meeting.